Related projects

Robot van de rommelmarkt - The recycled robot

The recycled robot is a short story written by bestselling author Tonke Dragt (known for De Zevensprong and Letter for the King, recently released on Netflix). Robot artist Bram Ellens has acquired the international theater rights and will stage a unique project together with the Concertgebouw and an impressive list of other partners.

Al-x at the Floriade

Okay, I'm Al-x is an installation presented at Floriade 2022. A 4.5-meter puppet and two industrial robot arms jointly represent a puppet from the future. Who plays who? Alex welcomes visitors to the Floriade and looks out over all the pavilions that make a proposal about the future. Alex is ready with her toy robot Rocky to explore how nature and technology merge.

Center Stage Robotics

The project "Center Stage Robotics" consists of multiple research trajectories in which we explore the possibilities and potential of industrial robots in a performative context, as well as what findings and their creative processes in turn have to offer to the field of (creative) computing, programming and robotics.