Using the Sprint Methodology in 
Art and Theater

We believe and have experienced that the sprint methodology works very well for a cross functional organisation like where theater producers, puppeteers, artists, researchers and technical experts co-create. 
We have defined quarterly themes that are tackled in bi-weekly sprints once every Friday. For the year 2023/2024 we will be working on robots interacting with artists and puppets, movement by robots, and robots on stage as decor-builders or being the decor. 

KUKA and Bunraku Puppetry

How does a puppet named Madama Butterfly interacts with KUKA robotic arms of distinct sizes?

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A Human-Robot Interaction of 'Care'

Circus artist Daniel Simu  performs with a KUKA arm, evoking questions of vulnerability and care.
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Improvising with a Robot

How can artists improvise with large robots in a safe way?

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Hoe Does a Robot Speak?

The intricacy of robot voice and its potential socio-political resonance

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Intimacies of Meaning-Making

On a journey with the spoken word artist Sjaan Flikweert in guidance of the robot KUKA

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